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How to use

How to use the Audio Guide? Every interest site is identified with a number. Also, every interest site that is part of the tourist route is clearly signposted in the village. To make its use easier, the urban signposting and audio guide numbering are the same.

To use this audio guide you have two options:

  1. Downloading the compressed file that contains all the audio tracks of the route and save them in your mp3 player or mobile phone.
  2. To do the route you will have to play the audio in every site of the route. Once the ‘voice’ of the interest site ends you will have to pause the track until you arrive to the next site of the route.
  1. Using your intelligent mobile phone with internet connection, while standing on every interest site of the route, you can access directly to the content of the audio guide in your own language. To do this, you can use a web navigator and write the abbreviated address that corresponds to every site of the route ( )
  2. If your device is provided with a camera, you can use the free application Microsoft Tag Reader (download here) and point the camera lens on the two-dimensional code that you will find in every site of the route.