Artà Routes Ses Païsses

Ses Païsses

During the transition from the second to the first millennium BC, a series of changes take place in Mallorcan prehistoric societies that mark the evolution from the Pre-Talaiotic to the Talaiotic period: disseminated population settlements are abandoned, where naviforme structures or boat-shaped houses were built as living spaces and used for productive activities. New Talaiotic grouped settlements are created with social and domestic functions. Talaiots are the central buildings of the villages used for social and community purposes.

Ses Païsses is a Pre-historic settlement inhabited from the second millennium BC to the year 50 AD. The site was declared Historical and Artistic Monument in 1946. The first excavations were carried out by Italian archeologist Giovanne Lilliu in 1959. He focused on the village central area, the Talaiot and all the attached structures. Towards the end of the 90′s the site was excavated by Jordi Hernández-Gasch and Javier Aramburu-Zambala, who continues with the excavations since 2004. These new excavations delimit a wedge that goes from the central Talaiot to the walled perimeter.

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