Marine Reserve of Levant

In 2007, the Balearic government approved through a decree the creation of the Marine Reserve of the Levant of Mallorca, located on the north-eastern area of the island, between Mata Cove and Des Freu Cape.

This marine area was selected for featuring a large diversity of habitats, benthos and fish. Up until today, we can find 32 communities, most of them in good preservation state. More than 900 species have been counted, mainly algae, fish and molluscs.

It is worth highlighting the colonies of Posidonia growing on its sea bottom, a true centre for biodiversity concentration. The coral bottoms and the submarine caves of Cap des Freu (des Freu Cape) are dominated by communities of sponges, bryozoa and cnidaria, which make up one of the more interesting and singular fauna system of the island. In total it has an approximated surface of 5,900 marine hectares, from which 190 were declared Special Protection Area (SPA) or Integral Reserve.

It is worth noting that the Ministry of Agriculture, Fishing and Foodstuffs declared the waters surrounding this area as a Marine Reserve of fishing interest in 2007.

For this reason, three protection areas have been defined in the Marine Reserve:

  • A or special protection area between Ferrutx Cape and des Llamp cliff, which comprises 1,900 hectares and where all kind of fishing is prohibited.
  • B or restricted use area, which comprises the waters surrounding the islet of Faralló d'Albarca in a radius of 0.2 nautical miles. This area follows the regulation defined by the C area until the Regional Agriculture and Fishing Administration establishes specific rules.
  • C or rest of the reserve, where it is permitted, with some restrictions, the professional fishing with small boats, recreational fishing from the coast and boat, submarine fishing and sport diving with the express authorization of the General Fishing Board.

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