Colònia de Sant Pere - Sa Canova

Colònia de Sant Pere - Sa Canova

  • Time: 2 h.
  • Distance: 7.90 km
  • Type of route: Hiking
  • Degree of difficulty: Easy
  • Total distance: 7.90 km
  • Total duration: 2 hour
  • Type of terrain: Rocky coastline: 5.9 km Sand dune coastline: 2 km
  • Circular route: Yes
  • Total ascent: 13.00 m

Description of itinerary

A large part of this excursion, which starts at Colònia de Sant Pere, runs along the sandy area of Sa Canova, a virgin beach 2 km in length, and finishes at Bisbe Lake at the end of the Na Borges rivercourse, a wetland area known for its seawater flora and fauna.

On reaching Colònia de Sant Pere, right at the entrance to the town, there are some small steps that form the base of a boundary cross. This cross, catalogued as a Site of Cultural Interest, has been partially destroyed and is pending replacement. Boundary crosses were used next to paths to establish the borders between different areas, as well as to mark the main centres, avenues and entrances to towns.

The walk begins in front of the marina at Colònia de Sant Pere, heading for S’Estanyol, next to the sea. The system of dunes that can be seen on the next part of the walk stretches behind the beach of Sa Canova, located between the housing estate of S’Estanyol and Son Serra de Marina.

Once you reach the beach, you'll see the path is marked by ropes and wooden poles to ensure no-one damages the dune system. The ecosystem made up of the beaches and dune systems is highly fragile, covered by weak plants whose roots help to fix the dunes and are therefore of the utmost importance for preserving these beaches. That's why it's vital to follow the directions given in such areas. These formations go inland for two kilometres. Given their importance for the landscape and the natural environment, they were declared a Natural Site of Special Interest (ANEI in Catalan).

At the point known as Sa Regata del Llop, which splits the beach into two, we pass by two orientation towers. These towers, together with others at the bay of Alcúdia, were built in the 20th century, in pairs, in order to carry out military manoeuvres. Once we reach Bisbe Lake, the outlet of the Na Borges rivercourse forms the border to the municipalities of Artà and Santa Margalida and here the excursion ends. We return along the same path to Colònia de Sant Pere. 

This route has been taken from the collection of excursions prepared and published by the hiking group "Un raig d’Artanencs".

  • A- km 1.4: Housing estate of S’Estanyol
  • B- km 4.0: Son Serra

Necessary equipment

Drinks, food, sports clothes and sports shoes, mobile phone, waterproof jacket

Recommended equipment

Walking sticks, sunglasses, sun cream, camera


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